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Moving Blogs

Posted by bookinn on June 21, 2009

I’m transferring my blog to:

Please click the above link.

Thank you!


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Happy Birthday

Posted by bookinn on June 9, 2009

To Michael J. Fox

June 9, 1961

Glitter Graphics

Happy Birthday Glitter Graphics

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Awesome book contest at Book Room Reviews

Posted by bookinn on July 31, 2008

BookRoomReview GiveAway!

BookRoomReview GiveAway!

They are offering a whole set of books!

The details from the blog:

Here are the Details:

For every Fifty entries ONE name will be drawn, up to FIVE people!  So if we end up with 250 entries then I will be able to pick FIVE winners, so the more people you encourage to come here to enter means more people will win!    Hachette will send each of you your box of books directly.  Sorry- rest of the world,   this contest is only open for U.S. and Canada.    All entries must be in by midnight August 9th because I really want to draw FIVE winners on my birthday which is August 10th!    I love to give books and what better way then on my birthday!    I wish we could give books to everyone!    Oh one more thing!    If we hit the 500 mark since Hachette also is the publishing company for Stephanie Meyers, I will draw one more winner to win a copy of Breaking Dawn!  Yeah!!!  So that’s six winners!    Five will get the set of fourteen books and one will get a copy of Breaking Dawn by Stephanie Meyer. (Hint: don’t worry if we don’t hit 500, I’m sure there will be six drawings! )

Sounds pretty awesome, hope i win one !

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My Father In Law

Posted by bookinn on April 21, 2008

I have to tell this story, because its a hoot and it also reminds you that not everyone is computer literate.

My father in law called me today…… He said when he clicks on explorer, the page says “this page cannot be found…..” hmmm, i was thinking, trying to figure out how i was going to help him with this. See, my father in law knows as much about computers as Bill Gates would know about knitting, probably little to nothing. So you can imagine my dilemma.
First i decide he needs to find the network connection and double click the icon to open it .
So i tell him, click on the start button… he said ok and then i said, now click on control panel. He hesitates and says there is no control panel. He said in the start panel there is only a couple of items and thats it. Well thats strange i was thinking because it had been there before.
So i began, ” on the desktop do you see your connection shortcut?” He said yes… Ok great. Put your mouse on the shortcut and right click on it and then click on properties. Soo i wait and he says wheres properties? Well, i tell him , its the last one in the menu. He says there is no properties in the list. This is strange, i asked him “when you right click on it , what does it say? He says it says “click” …….. what? I said, “it says click?” He says “yes”. “So when you right click on it , it says “click”, he said yes. I have never heard of the that before. I tell him well, i’ll have to come out there and see whats going on with your computer, you have a virus or trojan .

I see him later on and ask him, did you fix your computer? He said yes, it works. Soooo what happened? We show him what right clicking on the shortcut looks like. So do you know what he said?
Well, when i told him to “right click” he thought i was saying to ” WRITE CLICK” so he typed CLICK!!!!!! So thats why his shortcut says CLICK because he typed CLICK!!!
Ohhh i just shake my head and was reminded that he really doesn’t know anything about computers, he one time, called and said if he moves his mouse over to far he’s afraid it will fall off the screen.

Best regards,

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My LibraryThing

Posted by bookinn on April 16, 2008

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New Promotion From Bookswim!

Posted by bookinn on February 13, 2008


BookSwim Corporation

 A great offer from Bookswim you can’t pass up.


3 Books At-A-Time Plan = $3.00 (Reg. $19.99) Use Promo Code “3FOR3”
5 Books At-A-Time Plan = $5.00 (Reg. $23.99) Use Promo Code “5FOR5”
7 Books At-A-Time Plan = $7.00 (Reg. $27.99) Use Promo Code “7FOR7”
9 Books At-A-Time Plan = $9.00 (Reg. $31.99) Use Promo Code “9FOR9”
11 Books At-A-Time Plan = $11.00 (Reg. $36.99) Use Promo Code “11FOR11”
 (No discount on the 2-At-A-Time plan).  
Hurry! This plan only good until February 29,2008!!

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